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Everyday people are reporting their wonderful experiences on health benefits of Yoga, the transformation of being, taking you beyond the here and now. In one wonderful session of Yoga, people get to practice a number of things, some Yoga poses (asanas) breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and chanting. In Yoga you get to learn basic terms like Mudras, Bandhas and Chakras. Best of all, Yoga is fun and relaxing while, at the same time, being delectably challenging to beginners or advanced students. My own journey is always growing, always continuing to develop and the more I think I know the less I realise I know!

The intermediate and advanced students, who are continuing their practices, get more and more of the taste of this 5000+ year old way of life. Yoga is for the body, mind and spirit. You learn to use your body, mind, breath, and to relax and energize every part of yourself. 
Yoga is all about feeling good; feel the blood surging through your veins, the energy pulsating through your nerves, the bliss coursing through your whole being. My own practiced is based in this sense of 'feeling' as many of the Yogic practice can open emotional parts of ourselves, sometimes lying dormant through our lives. Although the release of emotion is not an aim or direction of Yogic practice, for me it is an inevitable part of the process throughout my own journey.

Best of all, Yoga is 'for one and all,' regardless of age, color, caste, creed or religion; from the healthiest to the sickest, from the richest to the poorest, from the whitest to the blackest. And here are some of the specific – and immense – benefits of yoga:

Brings down stress and enhances powers of relaxation
Boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility
Bestows greater powers of concentration and self control
Inculcates impulse Control
Helps in rehabilitation of old and new injuries
Intensifies tolerance to pain and enhancing mental clarity
Boosts functioning of the immune system
Enhances posture and muscle tone
Improves blood circulation
Results in healthy, glowing skin
Cleanses and improves overall organ functioning
Bestows peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life
Infuses a sense of balance and internal harmony

So, if Yoga has varied and immense physical benefits, what exactly is Yoga?Yoga is a 5000 year old science whose teachings were first imparted not in a classroom or Gurukul, but on the battle field. In the epic Mahabharata, the sage, Lord Krishna is first said to have imparted the teachings of Yoga to his despondent student Arjuna. Around 1500 years later, another sage, Patanjali, went on to enunciate, for the benefit of humankind and eternity, the way to reach the summom bonum of life through a series of 195 aphorisms (sutras) in his epic treatise The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Derived from the Sanskrit root “Yujir Yogey” meaning to unite, to yoke, to join, to put together, or to bind. Yoga is not about mind over body. On the other hand, Yoga is about developing harmony between them. In Yoga, you use your mind to perceive (diagnose) and guide (heal) your body. Never control, let alone force it. 

Yoga is a way of life, a conscious act, not a set or series of learning principles. The dexterity, grace, and poise you cultivate, as a matter of course, is the natural outcome of regular practice. You require no major effort. In fact trying hard will turn your practices into a humdrum, painful, even injurious routine and will eventually slow down your progress. Subsequently, and interestingly, the therapeutic effect of Yoga is the direct result of involving the mind totally in inspiring (breathing) the body to awaken.

Contrary to popular – or unpopular – perception, Yoga positions are not about how far you can reach to touch your toes or how many repetitions you can perform. It is all about paying attention to how your body feels; how it moves without that excruciating pain or agony! Yoga is all about breathing correctly about integrating that breath into your being. Conscious Yoga doesn’t call for you to force or strain. Meaning to say, right Yoga is learning how to do things right, do less that gets you more!

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